Tuesday, 25 February 2020

More than I would have liked to have spent

The initial quote came back for the bespoke work I wanted done in my new office and it was a touch more than I initially wanted to spend...

Fitted desk, shelves above desk and a fitted bookshelf on the back wall.  It came in at a whopping £3,300.  I initially costed out what I needed to be under £1000 (etsy / John Lewis), however the room is a really odd shape with curves and angles all over the place.  I think it would still look great with shop bought furniture it wouldn't utilise as much space as we need in an already small room.

I went back to the carpenter and with a couple of adjustments, i've got it down to less that £2,500.  I didn't want to spend that much but think it will look pretty cool once it's done.  As it will be for my office I can expense it so i'll get the savings on corporation, and income tax too.

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