Wednesday 1 April 2020

Very strange

I've been working from home for two weeks and a half now.  It feels very odd.  Mostly I feel isolated, I have a couple of calls a day at the moment with my new line manager and one or two a week with other people in the wider business.  For the rest i'm left to my own devices.  I'm still working on the parameterisation of 8 classes of business, 3 are officially signed off. 1 is pretty much there, i've got 4 to hopefully sign off tomorrow.  Not sure what else I will have left to do, I guess I will help out with the more general pricing work.  With the two bank holidays, i've only got 15 days left anyway.

I've been asked a couple of times if i'd like to go permanent, i'm unsure.  I've still not heard back regarding that interview I had last week, so I may see what sort of numbers they will offer as the uncertainty around getting a new role in the near future is certainly a lot higher than it was a month ago.  It's certainly nice to feel wanted though.

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