Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Very lucky

Once I go back to work next week I will have have had almost 3 months off work.  It's been great timing as i've spent loads more time with Flo and once Arthur was born a couple of months ago i've been able to do my share there too.

During that time we've spent 10's of thousands of pounds renovating the house (walls, ceilings, carpets, painting, electricians, plumbers).  I now have a new position so can start billing more money but my company still has 6 months + of cash in it's account to keep me in the way that I am accustomed to, i.e. all the beer wine and food I can imbibe, pay my share of the mortgage and bills etc.

I like the security of having a regular job but working freelance does have its perks too.  Perhaps if I was to spend everything I earned like I always did in the past it would be different but I think i've finally found my level.  Everything else just get squirrelled away.

We saw a financial planner a couple of weeks ago and she's looking into ways we can invest our surplus income.  That surplus income will be about to be 0 when we next remortgage as we're taking a good proportion of the equity out to build a large extension (saw an architect a couple of weeks ago).

Things are moving on with many aspect of my life at the moment, work, family, friends.  I'm looking forward to where we land in the next year or two.  You never know.  I may get the dog i've always wanted.

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