Tuesday 26 January 2021

New car

We paid a deposit on a new (2020) car yesterday.  Our A3 had recently had it's service and about £1000 worth of work was recommended.  We have been thinking about getting a newer car for a while so whilst this was a little sooner than we'd originally planned it makes sense to do it now.

 We did toy with the idea of getting a Golf instead as they're a little cheaper but the seats are awful (plaid, couldn't find any with leather).  We also toyed with the idea of getting something a little bigger but with a bigger car it meant a much bigger price.

The main criteria we had was that it had to by at least hybrid.  Full electric of the size we wanted and brand (me) was just out of our budget.

We liked Audi and the last two cars from them are great so opted for another one. Basically the same car but 7 years newer and with a small electric engine with a range of about 40 miles.  Which would cover us for 95% of our driving.

I pick it up tomorrow.

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