Wednesday 5 May 2021

House build update

Final Structural drawings / pack:  Still waiting for this, which is frustrating as it's holding everything up till complete.

Builders:  Spoke to one last week but said he can't quote till the final structural pack is complete.

Trees:  Coming down today

Kitchen quotes, we've had two quotes, £10k apart in overall cost.  Not to be unexpected as one is very high end.

Replacing heating system and new bathroom:  Quote came in yesterday.  Only £5k or 25% more than we originally budgeted for.

Things to do now: Basically wait till we get the pack.  Builders won't quote till it's done so that's it really.  Another issue is that there is a shortage of good builders in the south east as it looks like everyone else has the same idea.  Even if we find one we like, they're usually on at least one other job at a time and might have a 6 months wait.  That would take us into the winter for the build which may not be ideal with 3 key rooms downstairs out of action.

We can probably get the bathroom and heating sorted before hand and get it out of the way but might make sense to do it all in one go.

We've got a few things we can do like decide on finishes and things like tiles for outside but at the moment we're what feels like a very stagnating place which is frustrating. 

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