Tuesday 7 September 2021

House progress

Bathroom / Heating

We're due to replace our old Rayburn with a new modern gas boiler.  The boiler is going upstairs in the top loft, the washer and dryer are going upstairs in a refurbed bathroom.  They're due to start work in a week and a half.  Fingers crossed they're finished before the next stage gets done.  

P.S. The bath costs £2,600!

Kitchen / extension

This part seems to have taken ages but we're finally up and running and this is all due to start on the 1st November.  If everything goes to plan (which it won't) it will all be done by the end of January.  We're all signed up and have decided to get our kitchen made with the same company.  Although we had our heart set on a Neptune one.  This is around a £15k saving so will give us more than enough money for the juke box we've got our eye on.

Garden / retaining wall

This may have to get postponed for a little while but by getting the cheaper kitchen means we could stretch the budget and get it all done in one hit.  Most of the builders we've talked to don't want to touch it as with access being so poor it would take a lot of manual labour, our current builder doesn't seem too phased but there have been some disagreements with the structural engineer that might need sorting before work can begin.


Being so close to the castle means we've had to engage with archaeologists.  If they find anything it's mine! Otherwise that's another £2k we'll never see again.

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