Tuesday 26 October 2021

School choices

 It's nearly time to select a primary school for Florence.  Currently both kids are at the same nursery for three days a week and two days we have a nanny.  Next (school) year we need to find a school for Flo.

Because both kids are in full time care we are at our peak childcare expense.  I don't want to scare future parents but this is currently around £30k a year.  We are not at a fancy private school, it just happens to be the nursery right next to the station which was especially handy when we both went into London each day.

This got us thinking, and looking into other options...

The state schools near us are good and will prepare both kids well to get into the local grammar schools and we're are pretty sure Flo will get into our preferred choice given our proximity but given how much we're currently spending and can potentially continue to spend we've also looked at private options which broadly speaking is on par cost wise.  The big difference is staff numbers per child which are roughly double.  We've still got 2 state and 1 local private school visit planned but that's our current plan.

One more year of Flo (£15k per year) and another 3 for Arthur (same) at state and then free vs another 6 years for Flo and 9 for Arthur.  To me that £225k.  Fuck!

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