Monday 20 June 2022

Leaving drinks

 Our friend Becky is moving out of Tonbridge and asked if she could use her house as a party venue.  We of course said yes.  Over the course of the afternoon there must have been 30 people if you include all the kids that popped over.

Most of the Tonbridge Massive plus a few others

Flo and Chase making a den in the front room

April's genius idea of using our old sink as a booze cooler

We were going to try and sell it but it worked brilliantly 

The kids found my spud gun in the pub and tried all of the fruit and vegetables that we had.

Apple: Nope
Pepper: Nope
Babybel: Not bad
In the end I popped to the little store just up on the high street.  That worked, and kept the kids entertained.

Arthur being annoying and constantly needing to be picked up

Becky regaling another story

Spots of rain, was actually quite nice and cooling

Nice pic with Scannell and the misses

More friends

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