Thursday 7 July 2022

3 days a week?

 We've just had a town hall at work to discuss hybrid working.  We've been told that from next week we're expected to be in 3 days a week...

Hmm... I'm off next week holiday but still don't want to go in that often.  I was in last Thursday and I spoke to nobody for more than 20 seconds.  What's the point.  My boss works full time from home in Bristol so there's no real need of me in anyway.  I have found today useful with another go worker but still think one day is enough.

Part of the reason I chose this role vs another was the fact that it was more relaxed and allowed me to work mostly from home.  I'll have words with my bosses when I return to see if there's a compromise, i.e. original agreement.

It's £35 a day on the train which I can put through my company as an expense but beers are £2 a pint more expensive which I can't!

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