Wednesday 14 February 2024

Well that's good news!

 I've had sinus problems off and on for a little while so was getting treated by the doctor.  I was hoping for antibiotics as that cleared it up before.  I didn't get them this time but then I had a pretty bad case of Flu and started coughing up a little blood in the morning (tiny amount) meant my doctor relented and prescribed some, it didn't clear it up and that combined with a weight loss and some interesting numbers in some blood tests suggested I should get a CT scan to investigate further.  (Surprisingly liver and kidney function are fine!  As I see it the doctor is telling me to continue with my current rate of booze intake)

I'm feeling much better than I was after the flu, I even played a full 80 mins in a game of rugby but the reason why I was getting the CT scan was to check for cancer.

It was just to rule it out, which I understand was a very small chance but still, the risk was there.  I'm not one to worry and for the most part I didn't but it was still at the back of my mind.

Anyway...  I had a chat with a specialist doctor this afternoon and he said I was fine, I don't have cancer. I still have the sinus issue which may need further investigation but I am relieved.  Having the kids now makes you think a bit.

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