Wednesday 20 March 2024

Arthur rugby

Arthur's been playing rugby since he was 2 and is still doing rugby tots on Saturdays but we've started taking him to the u6s which comprised of under 6 kids and under 5 kids.  Arthur is officially under 4s (4 in May) so a little young.  He's a little intimidated during a couple of games but April's with him throughout so loves it.  Here he is after Sunday's wet and muddy session.

Flo started at 2 too.  She got to grips with it straight away, but after a year or two Arthur's really started to enjoy himself and has gained a lot of confidence.  At one point when he was very young I had to basically carry him around for the full session.  Arthur was and still is a lump so you can imagine how my back felt after that.  With a little break we've persevered and very pleased with his progress.


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