Friday, 22 September 2023

That was a fun bedtime

 April was at a school meeting so I had to put the kids to bed.  Arthur fell asleep before we got there.  Poor dude, he was all tuckered out.  Maybe he should learn to stay in his own bed till 6:30...

Today's walk

 Today's walk went passed a big orchard and couldn't resist taking a few home.  They're delicious.  13,500 steps 11km


The farmer had ploughed the foot path

A bit claggy

Arwen loves the fields

Natural arch

Crop circles

Crop circles 2

Thursday, 21 September 2023

First game of the season

We've managed to arrange an old boys game against Gravesend 4th team.  Not bad for a 44 year old.  Let's see how long I last before I get too carried away.  I've been nursing a sore achilles since Sunday when coaching with the kids.  Other benefits of playing on Saturday are I miss out on the school summer picnic (actually it would probably be quite fun), there's a beer festival on at the club followed by the 3rd England rugby game on TV.

After that we're going to a dinner party / wine tasting round friends.  Struggling to get a babysitter though so I may have to stay at home.  


800k views of the blog

 Just past 800k views of Watdefu.  Won't be long till the million!

Another attack by next door's cat


This morning's walk

 13,000 steps, 10.5km.  Lovely day.


Free stuff

 One of the ladies that works behind the bar of my local also cleans houses, one of her clients is going to a lot of the England games over in France so was given a load of free merch.  They passed that on to her and she passed it onto me.  I've also got a battery bank, bottle opener and some extra tat.

Although i'd rather have cash the second bit of free stuff was from our old builders who we've recommended and the family of one of Flo's friends are now using them for their building project. It's the second bottle of fizz we're had from them.

Tuesday, 19 September 2023

Working from the car

I was chatting to one of the old locals at my pub a month or so ago and he happened to mention that he sometimes struggled to get to his local hospital appointments. I mentioned that if I wasn't busy is be able to help him out.

Well, he asked last week and I'm now waiting on the carpark trying to work on my car.  There's a junior doctor / strike today I think so hopefully that won't impact things.

He turned 90 last week and have managed to get him safely to the hospital. Just got to get him back to Tonbridge without him dieing...

I'd never live it down!

Monday, 18 September 2023

Comedy goal

Again, I don't want to criticise the game because i've put in hours into the game (Currently the most ever at over 1000h for FM23).  I mostly have played the game without the actual gameplay though so maybe there's actually more.  I mostly just play the game with commentary as my old laptop really struggled with it's battery if I played with full video.

Saturday, 16 September 2023

Sweetcorn chowder

Made this for lunch, yummy. A bit of a mess afterwards though.