Monday 4 April 2005

Give it a rest... More people cared about Diana dieing than the pope.

What proportion of the UK are actually Catholics anyway? I bet there are more Jedi.

Why does the media have to force this tripe on us again and again? By saturation of media they are forcing people to have false emotions for someone. It’s wrong. People should be able to make there own minds up about events in this world without getting force-fed how they ought to feel.

Yes, he's undoubtedly done a lot of good for the world but the media interaction is immoral and brings about mass hysteria. And they paint the picture that all he has done is good. That is simply not true.

I hereby reserve my place in hell.

Is it fate that this Homerism came up???

Homerisms(59) = "Lord help me, I'm just not that bright."

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