Tuesday 19 April 2005

Red Lion, Wellam

I went out for a meal on Saturday night to the Red Lion. We ended up having to wait for around 2 hours before getting seated.

We were hardly in a hurry so just waited by the bar so it was too be expected. It was quite embarrassing watching some of the other groups hovering around tables like vultures waiting for a table to vacate. Very rude if you ask me.

Finally we got seated and I looked at the menu. The 48oz was off the menu at the weekend so I had to think. 32oz of what? I could have done a steak but didn't really fancy it, in the end I went for the Mighty Man's mixed grill. 32oz of meet and bone.

When it arrived I tucked in. A quarter way through my Mum proclaimed that I could never finish it all.

It was like a rag to a bull...

...but not before upping the anti.

Once the £10 were laid on the table I ate fork full after fork full. Gradually slowing until I finished the lot. Then I was reminded about the bowl of chips.

Uuuggghhh!!! I felt shit, but a bet's a bet.

And as stubborn person is stubborn I forced the lot down my tiny mouth.

Much bragging passed across the table and me 1kg heavier I had won.

The moral of the story is never bet Stuart anything. He rarely loses...

...even if it kills him

I would also like to point out that it was easilly the most disgusting meal I had ever eaten. It was awful. I doubt i'll ever go there again. I need to find somewhere else where I can find the illusive 48oz steak.

Homerisms(68) = "What do we need a psychiatrist for? We know our kid is nuts."

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