Tuesday 14 November 2006

You are an idiot.

I think I have to do something about this. I'm going to e-mail mail@ukmetro.co.uk

Metro letter in response to the topic of the death sentence

There is an alternative to the death sentence (Metro Monday) that nobody seems to have considered - near-death and revival. Anyone who has a near-death experience is changed for ever. Although good people have an experience of light and bliss, those whose lives are not good have an experience of something like hell. Wicked people really are reformed by this - confronted by the terror of what they are and what lies ahead.

Nobody can feign a near-death experience, because afterwards the person has a powerful, disturbed electric field. After my own near-death experience in 1984, for years afterwards I caused interference on TVs and broke electronic watches.

Incidentally, I gave up music (I was a session musician in the 1980s) and studied theology instead.

I'm going to send in a message, perhaps something like this...

In response to Heather McDougall, Tyne and Wear.

You are an idiot. S Clark London SW15

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