Monday 5 November 2007

This week ahead

Monday: Mussel night, April's Dad has sent us a recipe for chilli mussels so we're going to give that a whirl tonight.

Tuesday: Nothing [Edit] Football's on tonight so will watch that.
Wednesday: Nothing [Edit] Sausage and Mash night
Thursday: Nothing [Edit] Going for a meal with April (
Friday: Nothing [Edit] A few beers with James [Edit] Going to go straight home now as not feeling great today.
Saturday: Rugby then Sophie's engagement party [Edit] I think i'm going to cancel the rugby.
Sunday: Ian's house

I can imagine one of those nothings will change into a beer or two and I promised April we'd go out for a meal one night but so far I have an unusually quiet week. And that's the way I want it.

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