Thursday, 1 November 2007

Bill Bailey

Just looked through my work calendar this morning and saw the Bill Bailey gig on Thursday 29th November. As you know it was me that booked all 6 tickets and I did this months ago. 20-04-07 to be precise

That's when it struck me...

What have I done with the tickets? I had a quick look through my draw and couldn't find anything. Then the panic set it. Where would I have put them?

It occurred to me that I would have ordered them at work and so would have printed out a receipt. I re-checked my draw and found it! Yes! But then No! The delivery address was for my old flat in Putney.

I called up the phone line printed on the receipt and there was a recorded message stating that the printing and sending out of tickets had begun this week. I held on the line to speak to an operator...

Tune in next week for another exciting instalment of the great Bill Bailey Tinsleworm ticket extravaganza

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