Monday 10 December 2007

Busy period

The next few weeks are going to be a killer on the liver.

This week

Monday: Dinner party round mine (i'm getting so old)
Tuesday: Rugby Christmas dinner
Wednesday: Nothing (although James was mumbling something about drinks this week)
Thursday: Dinner round Markus'
Friday: April's company's Christmas dinner
Saturday: Nothing (I'll be playing rugby so I imagine something will happen then)
Sunday: Nothing (I think I need to keep it that way)

Next week

Monday: My team's Christmas dinner
Tuesday: Drinks with a few of the old Lloyd's lot
Wednesday: My company's Christmas drinks
Thursday: Nothing (April's Mum will have arrived so will probably go for a meal)
Friday: Drinks with a few of the old, old Lloyd's lot
Saturday: Reunion (possibly)
Sunday: Ian's House

The week after

Monday: Christmas Eve drinks
Tuesday: Christmas Day
Wednesday: I die... urgh

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