Thursday, 13 December 2007

Phew... I'm finally feeling better

I had a Christmas dinner with my rugby team (30+ guys) in Holborn on Tuesday night. It was a really good laugh and extreamly funny. Especially when Tunnah and I had to down a load of sambucca each for being foolish enough to be wearing the same hat.

Waking up yesterday morning I felt so rough that I had to call my boss and tell him that I won't be coming to work for the morning. Luckily my boss is a good chap. When I eventually got into work he proceeded to take the p!ss out of me for the remainder of the day. I guess I deserve it.

To give you a gauge as to how ill I was yesterday. I didn't go to an event that I was invited to which there would have been free drink. I've also canceled my plans for tonight with Markus at his new place as i'm absolutely shattered and need the rest.

Roll on Christmas!

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