Monday, 17 March 2008

My weekend

Pretty good all in all.

I was due to go to the dogs on Friday night as April has never been but, Steve and Jenny called off. In the end I had a few beers with the guys from work before meeting up with April in town and going to a Pizza Express.

On Saturday we went to Linfield races with a couple of old Lloyd's friends (and there other halves). Although we missed the first race there were still 7 chances to win. I won 1 of them...

Total stakes: £40
Total winnings: £3.83 + £2.50 stake.
Hit ratio: 16%


After that we went back round to there place, played some Wii, then on to the pub.

On Sunday we took a drive to our 'new' house again (we were only 15 miles away) then met up with a couple of April's friends in a great village pub nearby.

We eventually got back to London at around 6:30 and was glad to finally sit down and relax.

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