Monday 10 March 2008

Update on house

It's been a week since we put in our initial offer on the house so I thought I would update my journal accordingly.

-Our mortgage has been arranged and ready to sign.
-Our valuation and home buyers report has been done and we are waiting for the final report.
-We have found a solicitor that actually lives on our street and he is about to begin the searches and draw up the contracts.

We went round again this weekend to have a second look around and take a handful of pictures. We also wanted to confirm the fixtures and fittings that would be included. There are a couple of beds, washer, dryer and dish washer that we wouldn't mind keeping as we'd only have to get new ones otherwise.

Everything seams to be running along smoothly so watch this space. Ideally we'll get it most of it sorted before we head off to Australia.

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