Tuesday 1 December 2009

Head hunted again?

This time I think the guy got the wrong Stuart. When I was out for lunch I received this voicemail message “Hi Stuart, my name’s Paul and I’m calling from Capital Systems regarding the new quantum mechanics breakthrough and the stats for the ‘hydron collider escaper’… can you call me back on …

I initially thought it was from an ex colleague who's name was Paul and also had a novelty northern accent. He's now relatively senior in a large insurer so thought he was messing about to try and get passed our receptionist. He’s asked me if I want to join his company before so it was certainly on the cards.

I checked with a friend to see if the mobile supplied was the same as his own mobile, it wasn’t but could quite easily have been his work mobile.

In the end I called

It turns out it was a head hunter but not for me. They wanted experience in Oracle Fusion.


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  1. In addition to this i've just had an e-mail through LinkedIn asking me if I want a stats role in Hook for £30k-40k in the insurance sector.

    What's going on?