Monday 14 December 2009

Mmm, Sunday lunch in style

There's a handful of Michelin starred restaurants in Kent, and I want to try them all whilst I’m here. The closest is in Biddenden which is about a 30 minute drive from Tonbridge so decided to treat April to a Sunday lunch at the West House.

It was a bit quiet when we walked in, we were the youngest couple in there by a good 20 years but we were also the least posh.

April had some sort of quail egg froth with bacon and syrup to start, I had pigeon with some sort of crème potato. In between our starter and mains we were given an espresso cup filled with pumpkin and truffle oil soup.

After some miss-communication between April and myself we both ordered the beef for main. This was very good, but it came with a side of more beef (stewed beef knuckle with rye) in a tiny cast iron pan. All that red meat made me pretty stuffed so we didn’t go for the three courses.

All in all a very good meal, an £80 extravagance for Sunday lunch but very nice as a treat.


  1. Well me and Jo splashed out and tried a new calzone pizza from Pizza Hut..... I really would not recommend it.

  2. I've only ever been for a pizza hut once and it was gross. I'm starting to see a theme.