Friday 25 February 2011

Finally a new desk

I've finally managed to move desks at work.  For the past 2 years i've had one of the worst desks in the company  Not only do I have my boss sitting directly to the side of me so that he can see every working move I also sit in a semi busy through way within the office.  This wouldn't be a problem if it wasn' for the fact that there is barely enough room for my chair as it is.  Every time someone walks past my chair I get a dig in the back of my chair.  20 times a day, 5,000 times a year.  Each time driving me more and more insane. 

So before I snapped and killed someone, I took the opportunity to move seats into the desk made vacant by our graduate moving into a new team.  I've now even got a ceiling light (mine never worked)!

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