Saturday 5 February 2011

Really sore

I felt a nasty twinge in my stomach whilst warming up for todays game but being well 'ard started. I strapped myself up so what's the worst that could happen. Lots of pain that's what.

First tackle = Ouch.
Second = Extreme pain
Third tackle = Can I go off please? "No, put on this girdle". Don't ask.
Fourth tackle = Seriously guys this really does smart a bit. "just stay on till the end of the half"
Fifth tackle = AAAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!! "You'd better go off Stu"

Looking up on Google I think it's a grade 2 abdominal muscle strain. If it's not better (much better) by early next week i'll get it checked out. Can't see myself playing again anytime soon. At least we won. 50 odd pts to 20 ish. Well done Judds!
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