Tuesday 15 March 2011

Just saved £30

A big thank you goes out to the nice cashier at Lloyds bank today and that's the second time she's helped me. We needed to transfer £500 to a solicitor today as we're re-mortgaging our house and have to pay around part of the mortgage as half of the month has already expired. I was told that we needed to set up a CHAPS payment so that the money was guaranteed to be in their account tomorrow morning.

Speaking to the cashier she said that it's cost £30, then suggested that I just withdraw the cash, walk over the road to the local RBS and pay it in over there instead. Doh! Why didn't I think of that? Great though, that's saved us £30. She helped me when I was moving into the Clapham flat before. I went to one Lloyd's branch to transfer some money but they wouldn't let me as I didn't have photo id. I went my usual Lloyd's and she said it wouldn't be a problem. Nice lady.

In other news, whilst I was there I saw the CFO of my old company in there too, I reckon he was there to check that his £500,000 bonus had been paid into his account.
Anyone for a money fight???

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