Monday 15 August 2011

Exercise update

For the passed 6 months I have done 63 'exercises', this usually means an intense workout of around 45 mins in the gym during my lunch hour. That's 34.5% of days I do some form of exercise. During that time my weight has moved from an average of 92.7kg (Feb) to 96.8kg (Aug), during that time I reached a peak of 97.6kg or a mighty 15st 5lb to those older than 20.

I know i'm trimming down but weighing that amount surely can't be good for my knees. Especially when the season starts up again and the ground is still hard. It's not as if i'm only doing weights, i've been mixing the gay step thing with rowing, cycling and a few other bits. What am I doing wrong?

So much for my goal of having a bmi of less than 30 when I started. I'm nearly 10 kg over that. Ha, ha. That's 88.6kg for my height so unless I lose a limb or suddenly grow a few inches in height that target is unreasonable. Oh well, maybe I need a new set of scales...

1 comment:

  1. To much weightlifting can gain more and bigger muscles resulting to weight gain. Try those pilates work outs. Their bound to make you slimmer but also burning fats while just forming up your muscles and not making them that big.