Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Could be an expensive day...

...but hopefully not for me.

A team member is leaving in a couple of weeks and has invited us all to lunch as a farewell.  Last time someone left they booked us in somewhere quite nice and we all expected to pay so it was a nice surprise that my boss picked up the tab and put it on his corporate card.  That's why our new leaver has invited us to Hawksmore.


It's where I took April this year after my bonus came through.  I think it was approaching £90 per head, but I did have a £50+ steak.  If the bill isn't paid for a few of us will be quite annoyed.  The food's great but I certainly wouldn't go if I have to pay. 

If it's your leaving meal / drinks you're expected to pay.  It won't be my fault if you're stuck with a very costly bill at the end of the lunch.

After that we're all going bowling so that should be fun.  I think it's somewhere near Brick Lane so not far.  If that works I might see if some other friends fancy it as April's wanted to go for a while.

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