Wednesday 30 November 2011

House viewing again

We're going to see another house tonight.  It's on the same street as one we really liked a few months back and looks very similar. We haven't been to see any houses for a while as there wasn't much point.  We weren't getting an awful lot of interest on our place at the time and we had the wedding to think about too so we put that side of things on the back burner.

We've got a second viewing on our house this Saturday which is exciting.  We were supposed to have one a few months back as they'd changed their mind about moving to Tonbridge.  They found somewhere in Croyden of all places instead.  This new couple sounds promising though.  And to think we were thinking about pulling the house from the market until next year.  Fingers crossed the weather's nice on Saturday to show it off in it's best light (just checked and it's due to rain).  Bugger...

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