Monday 30 April 2012

The grand openning

We tried out our closest pub on Saturday night. There was a big sign outside stating that it was under new management and was having an opening party on Saturday night. We hadn't been there for a few years as it was terrible but thought we should support our local businesses.

The signs weren't good, we could hear the place before we could see it. Some sh!t popular song that the kids listen to I think. When we finally saw the front door there was a bouncer outside. That's always a good sign. But we persevered. The music was unbearably loud, so we went into the second section which wasn't too bad, except of course for the clientele... We left straight away and to our old favourite the P&J (Punch and Judy). Phew!

I do think that it’s a missed opportunity however. There are certainly more normal people at our end of town compared to pikeys and they must have seen how popular the P&J was since that changed owners. Bloody terrible.

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