Tuesday 24 July 2012

Marked improvement but no cigar

We went to a friend's quiz night at his home cricket club last night to help raise funds for the season.  And not for the want in trying we didn't come last as is usually the way.

We could have come first however if people checked the last question for me.

What's the sum of all the prime numbers under 21?  (1 isn't a prime)

People were shouting numbers at me when I was totting them all up so when I went to the toilet I told people to check the sums as I was pretty sure it wasn't right.  They didn't check them, we lost 5 points instead of gaining 5 in the final question.  Doh!  We could have been 3rd with that.

Also, another question was to name the top 5 ftse 100 companies.  I named two of them and they were scribbled out and replaced with others.  Doh, Doh!

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