Saturday 20 April 2013

If I was a catholic

That would have Been fairly cathartic.

Over the past few weeks I've gradually halved my Facebook friends. From 500 odd to less than 250. It felt good. There were people on there that I barely knew but they still had access to my life.

Not that I think they would care that is...

The general rule was, have I had a beer with them in the last 5 years? If not, have they bothered staying in touch?  If no then bye bye. There were a few exceptions but I was fairly strict.

Sorry if I've dropped you, but if you've not been in touch then I hardly think you're going to be reading my blog to recieve this apology.

I remember having a bet with my brother about 5 years ago, who could get to 200 Facebook friends first? We were neck and neck coming up to 190 as for 90% of the people he knew I probably knew and vice verse. Steve didn't count on me being a sneaky git however. I saved a few friend requests till the end so that he wouldn't have a chance to catch up. Winner!

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