Saturday 20 April 2013

Not bad, not bad indeed

Just got back from the Mazda garage and got quite a nice surprise.  We're due to get it serviced / MOT'd in the next month or so, so wanted to check out what options we had with regards to selling / part exchange. 

We bought it for about £9,500 four and a bit years ago and it has a dent on the back and the front wing needs some attention but other than that it's a very nice car with very low millage (37,000).  We were expecting £4,000 for sale but were offered £5,000, £6,000 part exchange.  Not bad at all, and that's without my amazing haggling skills.

April's been wanting to get a Mazda 3 for a little while now so took one for a spin.  It was nice enough but certainly nothing special.  We need to have a rethink about what we want versus what we need.  It's looking like what we want is coming out first.  Yeah.

What to buy though?  I'll see what Ross thinks.

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