Monday 16 June 2014

New house

Well, where to start? We did it!

After a final day of packing on Thursday we had an early night as we were both shattered. This was followed by an early start as the removal guys were due round at 9 and we still had plenty to do.

It took them 3 hours to do a full load and nearly managed to squeeze all our stuff into the one 7.5 ton lorry. By the time they were all packed we'd had the call from our solicitors so were ready to go. Yeah!

With a little help from friends we were all in the new place by 4pm. That was lucky as I was late to drive a friend down to Devon for another rugby friends stag do, leaving poor April to do ask the unpacking.

We're finally in though and everything is looking good.  We've also managed to get the virgin man round to set up the tv's.  Only things left to do now are...

Get the front windows refurbished
Fix drains
Replace carpets / sand down the wooden floors
Redo the damp proof course
Fix a leak
Re-hang a ceiling
Acclimatise the cats

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