Thursday 18 February 2016

Least satisfied rail users identified

It's no surprise to me that South Eastern were top (bottom) of the list when it came to disgruntled rail users.  I think my train in the morning has got me into Cannon Street on time only twice so far this year.  That's 2 out of 31 attempts, or 6%.  Pretty poor.

However, i'm used to it so I kind of let it wash over me, if anything it's a benefit, afterall i'm on my way to work so the more time i'm on the train watching boxed sets on my tablet means less time in the office doing work.  Win, win.

I am more annoyed about the headline used to click on the BBC article.

Least satisfied rail users identified

I was hoping the article to actually be a top 10 of angry commuters, perhaps with clips of them venting their anger at rail company managers who get wheeled out occasionally to try and dissipate the open hostility of commuting life.

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