Tuesday 25 April 2017

Vote Green, and if not donate

I'm note sure how many people silently read my blog but for those that do please take a little time out of your day and donate to my wife April's crowdfunder campaign.

She's not only standing for the County Council elections next month but now due to the snap election  is now standing for election in the General election 3 years sooner than expected.

If you can spare a few pounds to support her cause that would be great, and if you live in the Tonbridge and Malling area even better, as you can vote for her too!


Your donation will help cover the not insignificant costs of running in an election, such as the £500 deposit, leaflet and poster printing etc.

And knowing the Greens, if there is any left over i'm sure they'll put it towards saving an endangered seal or something...

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