Friday 5 April 2019


So, i've been contracting for the past 7 weeks and everything is going well.  I've been paid twice and it's nice to have money coming into my account again.  An additional bonus is i've overpaid tax in my last place so am due a very tidy £6k once the dust settles.

I especially like it when I get paid to do a team away day.  We went over to Greenwich (next to the O2) for a spot of golf at a driving range.  Amazing views, right across the river from Canary Wharf.

The most annoying part of the day was having to head back early to pick up Flo as April's away in Chicago for the week.

Another tough part of being a contractor is trying to resist spending all he new found money in my account.  I've twice very nearly bought myself a new £500 tablet.  I must resist.  I must resist.

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