Thursday, 25 April 2019

A nice relaxing bath

Flo woke me up at about 5:15 this morning, which is actually quite good.  She'd slept through since 7pm the previous day so a good night for Flo.  I got up and prepared her some milk, after that 9 times out of 10 she'll settle and we'll generally get another couple of hours before she wakes up again.

With it only being an hour or so before I'd need to get ready for work I decided it wasn't worth trying to get back to sleep so ended up running a nice relaxing bath.

10 minutes in the cat decided to have a shit in her litter tray (it's currently situated in the shower cubicle in the bathroom).  It stank so I had to get out of the bath, fish out the shit and flush it down the loo.

I got back in the bath.  10 minutes later Flo started chirping again.  I got out of the bath to see if a bottle of warm water would settle her, I opened her door to an ungodly odour.  She'd just had a shit in her nappy and was upset.  I changed her, put her back down and gave her the bottle.

10 minutes later April gets in the shower, Flo hadn't settled, Flo was still awake and had decided to throw her toys out of her cot.  Flo was annoyed that she no longer had her toys.  Flo started crying.

I get out of the bath for good.  Nice and relaxed

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