Monday 27 January 2020

End of my playing career

I think I may have played my last game of rugby.  I've been suffering from back pain whilst playing for over three years now so have finally gotten around to getting it checked out.  I've been seeing a physio for a month now and she's recommended that I get it checked out with an MRI scan.  I'm booked in on Wednesday.

I'll wait to see how it goes but that that might be it for me.  England missed their chance.

I've played for around 35 years and apart from my fingers, toes, bicep, back and face am not completely broken so I call it a good innings.   I've played for my home club Stewarts and Lloyds (1sts - 4th team), Bishopston down in Bristol (1st -  2nd team), The Mayfair Occationals (Barnes 4ths) and finally Tonbridge Juddians (2nds - 5ths).

I have a rugby tour to Gibralta coming up in April, but will make sure I forget my kit.  I'll have to make do with my other hobby.  Booze.

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