Monday 27 January 2020

Now to get it finished

Here's it all set up and working

Things that need doing
  1. Walls re-plastered (Guys coming round in a couple of weeks to do the top bedrooms, hallway and stairwells, and my room)
  2. Window referbed
  3. Walls painted (booked in to do after the above)
  4. Carpet laid (will book in to do after the above)
  5. Shelving on the back wall, might get similar ones to the Ikea ones we have in the top bedroom
  6. New desk, this is my Dad's old desk, and the drawers and filing cabinet are full of all of April's stuff.  This is my room.  No girls allowed (or their stuff!)
  7. New chair
  8. Display hook for my Han Solo blaster.

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