Wednesday 5 August 2020

More about the new dog

She's a 2 week old Sprocker (Springer / Cocker spaniel), we get to meet her in 2 and a half weeks and get to take her home 4 weeks later.

As chance would have it the breeder livers less than 10 miles from Corby so we'll make a couple of flying visits to catch up with my parents.  The breeders are the games keepers of a fancy stately home.  They've sent us a video of the grounds and it's very impressive.

Why are we getting a dog?  I've always wanted my own dog.  Ever since we had Sunny and Blacky as kids I've wanted one, but it's never been practical.  Whilst renting in London it was never an option, and once we moved out we were both travelling into London for 10+ hours each day which wouldn't have been fair.  

Why now?  Even before the lock down and second baby April was only having to head into London twice a week at most and since the lock down the whole working environment has changed.  Although it won't go on forever my current contract will most likely all be working from home.  When things settle (hopefully) within a year I can't see the full 5 day a week in the office still being the norm.  

Things were changing even before this, my last contract was due to move into a new building in the next year and they weren't going to have enough space in the office for all of their London employees and were moving to a hot desking environment.  April's company had already started this a couple of years ago.  Friends in the market say that their companies are doing similar.

This all means I'll be at home more too, which means with a little planning we'll both be able to cover looking after the new dog.

There are a couple of other major issues namely a new baby and potential big works on our house next year, but we can work through this and sure everything will be fine...

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