Thursday, 27 August 2020

Cyberpunk turned up today

 My copy of Cyberpunk turned up today.  Pretty cool.

As with the SLA industries book that I got earlier in the month I will most likely never play again but I like to have it as it brings back some happy memories.

Here's a few others.  It would have been nice to have kept all of my old Rifts sourcebooks, I think I may have had 20+ (90% bought from Mr Ripoff, 10% from the shop in Leicester) at one point but I ended up selling them whilst at uni to one of Ian's friends down in Bristol. His e-mail address had the word Phoenix in it somewhere if my memory is correct and I think I got around £200 for the the lot.  Quite a bit back in 1998. 


  1. For that REALLY nostalgic feeling do you want me to drop it into a spinning bike chain for you?


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