Friday 19 March 2021

Rule of (at least) 6 (beers)

I've taken Monday 29th off from work.  I may as well, I have effectively paid for the holidays and bank holidays already with the way my contract works.  That will leave me with 11.5 left till mid August and that doesn't include the bank holidays.  We're not planning to go anywhere special during that period so thought i'd make the most of the first stage of lockdown easing and have some local friends over for beers and a bbq in my back garden.

Rates are low, infact Tonbridge itself had no new cases last week (Tonbridge and Malling 14 per 100,000) , I just need to get back to some level of normality.  And by normality I mean having some beers with friends.

Work needs to be done on the shed before that though as it needs a good de-spider and there will need to be a minesweeping of dog poop the morning before to ensure no mishaps.

The shed does leak so it will need to get some air into it too.  Not sure how my friend's brother's 50 inch TV faired this closed season as that was a mainstay for outdoor sport and movies last summer.  Fingers crossed. 

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