Wednesday 21 April 2021

Sad news


I've been umming and arring about whether or not to write this but here it is anyway.

I had some sad news a couple of weeks ago.  My mum has died.  Roslin Witt (Bean, Clark).

I had a call from my brother saying that my mum had taken a turn for the worse.  She has been in and out of hospital for a couple of years now and this was one of her 'in' times.  My Aunty Diane who is a nurse had been to see my mum in hospital and called Steve straight away to tell us that we'd better get up to see her.

We both left more or less straight away and arrived at Kettering General at 5pm on Thursday (8th).  It took us a little while to find the department but when we got there my aunty and her daughter (midwife) were just leaving.  I hadn't seen my cousin in years so I didn't even recognise her.

We were shown in and although we were prepared for the worse it still didn't help with the shock.  Although not well when I last spoke to her a couple of weeks ago, her deterioration was severe.  She was very frail and i'm not even sure she recognised us.  It was tough for us both and we talked about what we'd been up to but my mum couldn't really talk, all we got back were a few moans and the occasional odd word.  It was clear that she was in pain so we managed to get a nurse to provide her with some relief, the nurse had to help her as she was unable to do it by herself.

After an hour and a half we kissed her goodbye and left.  That was the last time I saw my mum.

The next day at around 9 I received a call from my brother telling me that she'd passed away.  After seeing her the day before I was prepared for it.  And i'm glad that her suffering wasn't prolonged.

Work's been good about it and friends have been great but there's nothing anybody can do really.

I told Florence on Sunday and she could tell that I was sad, but don't think she got the finality of it all.  

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