Wednesday 18 August 2021

Not posted in a while

 Not sure why, just don't seem that bothered recently.

Highlights since last month???

  • More sickness with the kids so having to look after them whilst working
  • Couple of pub visits with friends
  • Watching the last Lions game round ours turned into an impromptu gathering (which lead to the spread of the sickness above with friends, Arthur!)
  • Good fun last weekend at Tonbridge's free music festival Tonbridge calling.  I managed to get sunburnt!  I'm nearly 42 and still get caught out.  Doh!
  • Arthur is now walking
  • We're getting a nanny to look after the kids for a couple of days a week to break up the 5 days at the nursery
  • We've had a couple of quotes for the extension and have instructed one of them to draw up contracts
  • The new bathroom and heating system has been agreed too
  • Nearly signing on the dotted line for the new kitchen too
  • Work's going fine, I even had a message from my recruiter that said my boss said i'm doing well which is nice to know

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