Monday 26 July 2021


 We were both pinged by the NHS app on Thursday. Doh!  That meant we both had to self isolate, the kids could still have went to school as we didn't have any symptoms but as chance would have it there were two teacher training days at the nursery that week so April already had the days booked off.  This of course meant that the whole family was locked down for the duration.

Luckily we only had to survive until midnight on Sunday, at times I wasn't sure if we would make it...

Doing a little digging it looks like we were flagged last Thursday about possibly coming into contact with someone had had since tested positive for Covid-19.  You get pinged if you spend 15 mins or more and within 2 meters.  Not sure if we ever were, but there you go.  There were only two places we went together and that was the Curlew (£220 meal with only April drinking) and the Westerham Brewery (April drinking again) and that was outside.  

We had to cancel Swimming, rugby tots, play date, dog walk and spend the whole time within the confines of our house and garden.  Despite it being a fairly big house it certainly felt small at times.  To top it off before the pinging we agreed to dog sit a friend's dog who was taking his family to Lords to watch cricket.  We couldn't really say no at such short notice so at 9:30 we had a new addition to the family.

Play nicely girls

With the rain off and on it meant the kitchen was filthy within 5 minutes

Anyway, we all survived and i'm glad to be able to shove the kids back into nursery and get back to work.  I certainly don't feel like i've had a weekend break.

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