Monday 17 January 2022

Date night

One of our regular babysitters volunteered to look after the kids from 5pm on Saturday so we jumped at the chance.  We hopped on the train to Tunbridge Wells and went to one of our favourite restaurants.  Sankey's!  What's not to like about fermented chilli buttered lobster.  The benefit being the abundance of fries underneath acted like a sponge and soaked up all of the left over butter.  Hmm...  Pinchy....

Afterwards we went to Trinity theatre for their monthly comedy night.

I'd seen Alasdair Beckett-King a few times on various clips he'd put up on YouTube and April is a big fan of Felicity Ward.  She's a regular on the Bugle a long time podcast created by John Oliver and ex Tunbridge Wells local Andy Zaltzman. 

It was a good night and we were back by before 11.

Turned out quite a pricey evening though, once you've factored in the £60 for the babysitter and £20 cab ride home.


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