Friday 28 January 2022

House update

 The house build is coming along well.  The chaps have stepped up their work and it look like the kitchen will start to be put in place in a couple of weeks.

This week the guys have plaster boarded the whole kitchen and over the last two days the plasterers have blitzed the whole are.  They've started work on the back wall and stairs to the garden and next week they should start putting in the floor.

We're still waiting on radiators to arrive and the main event (juke box) but all is going to plan.  That is if you exclude the budget going £50k over our original £150k that we took out of the mortgage.  The actual initial build hasn't gone up my more than a few grand but we've added in a renovated bathroom, new boiler and shifted the washer and dryer upstairs too.

We're in the process of getting an additional extension to the mortgage which in normal circumstances would have breezed through, but the umbrella company i'm forced to use through IR35 rulings has been cyber attached and they're unable to give the extra detail the mortgage provider needs to process our application.  I have no doubt it'll all sort out in the end but am getting frustrated with the company, especially as i'm only using them as they're affiliated with my accountancy firm.  Incidentally they've been fucked too.

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