Friday 2 September 2022

Flo starts reception next week

 After 8 weeks off Flo is finally heading back to school.  We all had a week off at the beginning, she was back at the school for a couple of weeks in their summer club, another couple of weeks at a different summer club then April's had the last two weeks off with her.  It will be good to get her back into more of a routine and some proper structure.

Arthur started with his new child minder yesterday and is having a great time.  The childminder and a bunch of her other childminder friends have bought a bit of land and basically have a mini forest school.  Athur was playing with one of their goats yesterday!  He's there 3 days a week and at his old nursery for the other two days.  That's until he heads to the nursery at Flo's school after next year's easter holiday.

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