Tuesday 9 May 2023

Attack of the dweebs

 My weekly gaming day at the games cafe has been reduced to every other week since they've changed venues.  The new place is much nicer and has a cosier feel but is also much smaller so they can only fit us in every other week.

I've volunteered our place on the off weeks and today is the first session.  I'm charging up some items to set the scene.  If you haven't guessed we're currently playing 2nd edition Star Wars.  

Last week was tough as there were only 3 of us playing (+GM) and two of the characters didn't speak english (Galactic Basic), Wookie / Jawa and wanted to roleplay.  You can imagine how well that went down with me.  FFS.  Words have been spoken (English) and I think we all now have universal translators.

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